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2016/12/16 10:18
With three decades of development, China has become a major die & mould manufacture and consumption nation. The establishment of its die & mould industry system, which is able to manufacture all kinds of dies and moulds, technically satisfies the needs of manufacturing industry to die and mould in China. In 2015, the capacity of China’s die and mould industry reached CNY 220 billion, about CNY 171.8 billion sales volume. DMC has realized the capacity of exporting in batches. In 2015, the total import and export amount for China die & mould is 7.5 billion dollars, with over 5 billion dollars for export. Innovative achievements of the industry in 2015 were fruitful and there were totally 31,098 authorized patents awarded, including 5,154 patents for invention. Die & mould industry revealed great technological advance. 2016 witnesses the first year of “the 13th Five-year Plan” and the total sales volume for die & mould in China is expected to be CNY 180 billion. The die & mould industry of China develops and makes progress steadily, its transformation and upgrading speeds up and it is promising and clear that it is enhancing both in quality and efficiency.
Made in China 2025 provides a strategic guidance for the manufacturing industry. Die & mould are of vital importance to important technological equipment in the realization of two actions, which are quality enhancement action and service-type manufacturing action, and five programs, i.e. intelligent manufacturing, industry-enhanced foundation, high-end equipment, green manufacturing and innovative center building. Die & mould products will stick to its way to large, precise, high-performance, integrating and lean manufacturing, automation and special machining unit.
On the background that growth on both domestic investment and fixed assets investment on mechanical industry continues to drop, fixed assets investment on die & mould industry in China still shows a favorable trend. According to National Bureau of Statistics, die & mould enterprises of scale-level completed an investment of totally CNY 90.6 billion, realizing a year-on-year growth of 25.8%, in which investment of equipment instruments takes up CNY 39.3 billion, increased by 28.9% on a year-on-year basis. Investment on gathering production base construction and extending industrial chains of die & mould enterprises takes up the majority position. Viewing from the investigation on part of the industry (150 key backbone enterprises), there was respectively CNY 2,191 million and 128.8 million invested on equipment and software in 2015, manifesting outstanding industry upgrading performance brought about by performance-enhancing and optimizing products.
Future manufacturing industry presents the new formats, such as cross merging of technology and highly related products. High integration of industrial chains will boost the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry. In order to keep up with the proposition that digital die & mould manufacturing technology and information management technology shall be prioritized to enhance the industry’s capacity as a principal part of technological innovation, for development of technical advance in Guidance Outline for the 13th Five-year Development of Die & Mould Industry, DMC 2017 will give impetus to static and collaborative manufacturing, develop die & mould and molding technology, build market-guided integrated and collaborative innovation environment, continue to center on the requirements of constant optimizing and upgrading of the industry and actively organize exhibitions of “refinement, automation, informatization, integration, networking and intellectualization”, enhancing the quality and optimizing and upgrading products of the industry, serving “Made in China 2025”.
 There are more than 1,200 members in CDMIA, which is the only national industry organization of the industry under the administration of SASAC and registered in Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. DMC(Die & Mould China Exhibition) has a history of 30 years. On the background of international capacity cooperation and crossing merging of technology in manufacturing industry, it showed more importance and made great contribution to technological exchange, economic cooperation, equipment procurement, market exploiting, trade development expansion and progresses. We would like friends of all circles to participate in DMC 2017.
 We sincerely thank all previous exhibitors for their support for the annual international die & mould technology and equipment exhibition of DMC and would like to invite manufacturers of die & mould, machine tools, molding equipment, tools, software, materials, etc and related industrial associations to come and take part in DMC 2017 international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, which will be held on 13th - 16th June, 2017 in Shanghai.
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