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The 1st China (Huangyan) Die & Mould Industrial Development Summit Forum

2017/10/17 14:24
I. Background
Die and mould industry, known as the mother of modern industry, is the foundation of modern manufacturing industry. The development of die and mould industry is an important sign to measure the manufacturing level in a country or a region. In Made in China 2025, it is clearly defined the strategic objective of being a world power through manufacturing, and the direction of innovation driven development is pointed out. Under this background, it is mandatory for die and mould industry to speed up its steps in reshaping the industrial organization and manufacturing mode, trying hard to realize its transformation --- to be digitized, networked, intelligent and service-oriented.
Huangyan, honored as “Hometown of Die and Mould in China”, is a place where large amounts of enterprises engaging in die and mould manufacturing are clustering together. By now, die and mould industry has become a pillar industry in Taizhou, which greatly benefits the development of other industries such as automotive components, motorbike components, plastic products, electric vehicles, electromechanical industry and infrastructure of The Belt and Road. In order to strengthen the development of die and mould industry and push forward the development of manufacturing industry, Taizhou Municipal Government and Huangyan Regional Government have been attaching great emphases to provide a “five in one” (politics, production, university, research and application) environment. Great efforts are being made to develop the die and mould manufacturing in Huangyan. Now, Huangyan has been honored as “Huangyan Plastic Mould Industry Base -- State Torch Plan”. Besides, there are still some other honors given to Huangyan, including “Demonstration Base of China’s Die & Mould Industrial Updating”, “Provincial High-tech Industrial Base of Huangyan Plastic Mould”, “Demonstration Area Pilot for Zhejiang’s Transformation from Massive Economic to Modern Industrial Cluster”. Moreover, intelligent mould town, die and mould expo city and die and mould design base have sprung up in Huangyan, and the project base-firming engineering mould of Made in China 2025 is to be settled down in Huangyan in 2017. What’s more, another two projects --- “National Pilot Area for Die & Mould Quality Enhancement” and “Pilot Area for Well-known Brands in Plastic Mould Industry” are to be locked. Therefore, in order to give an active response to Made in China 2025, die and mould industry in Huangyan needs to have a fission development.
II. Purpose and Forum Organization
Today, the whole world is experiencing a tendency that technical innovation and industrial reform are happening, which are represented by information network, intelligent manufacturing, new material and new energy. Being guided by Made in China 2025, it is necessary to focus on the mutual promotion of the development of die and mould industry in Huangyan and the regional development. In the future, under the principle of “market-oriented, collaborative innovation and industrial updating”, Huangyan will expand its die and mould industrial chain, follow the development direction of China’s die and mould industry, make full use of its competitive advantages of Huangyan’s die and mould industry, and do its best to make contributions to getting China to become a die and mould power.
“The 1st China Huangyan Die & Mould Industrial Development Summit Forum” is organized by CDMIA, Taizhou Municipal Government and Huangyan Regional Government, which is supported by Taizhou Association of Industry and Commerce and Huangyan die and mould Industry Association. It will be carried out in three different ways. The 1st China Huangyan Die & Mould Industrial Development Summit Forum will invite academicians and experts to do analysis and propose development direction for the die and mould industry by focusing on the hot topics existed in die and mould industry.
Moreover, there will be some special guests --- die and mould experts from Fraunhofer (in German: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e. V.), the largest research institute in Germany, who are going to make speeches and visit. So far, 80 research institutes owned by Fraunhofer have cooperated with China for more than 25 years in terms of technique, enterprise and education. The projects in which Fraunhofer participated have become an important sign of the cooperation between China and Germany. In the future, Fraunhofer will push forward the technical development and collaborative development in the field of digitization and information. Fraunhofer targets to remake a brilliant development for die and mould industry in Huangyan.
III. Theme and Topic
 (I) Theme
Made in China 2025 and Fission Development of die and mould Industry in Huangyan
 (II) Topic
Focusing on three major issues --- “technical orientation and technical innovation”, “strategic development and strategic cooperation” and “market-oriented and market-benefited”, following topics are to be discussed on the Forum:
I. Technical orientation and technical innovation
1. Report on frontier development and technical innovation of die and mould industry;
2. Intelligent design and manufacturing of die and mould;
3. Automotive mould and lightweight of automobile;
4. Advantage development of infrastructure of The Belt and Road ensured by die and mould technique
II. Strategic development and strategic cooperation
5. The integration of politics, production, university, research and application benefiting the development of enterprises
6. The development and strategic management of die and mould enterprise;
7. Compound talents training for mould forming and spirit of craftsman;
8. Application of maker Spirit in transformation and updating of die and mould industry;
III. Market-oriented and market-benefited
9. Go-out strategies and international capacity cooperation of die and mould industry under the background of The Belt and Road;
10. Demonstration effect of a special die and mould town and regional collaborative development;
11. Die and mould leading the updating of manufacturing industry;
12. Brand strategy and strategy implementation;
13. Others.
IV. Time:
Nov. 18 - 19, 2017 (2 days).
V. Venue:
Marriott Hotel, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang.
VI. Organization:
Sponsor: CDMIA (China Die & Mould Industry Association), Taizhou Municipal Government, Huangyan Regional Government
Supporter: Zhejiang Mould Industry Association
Organizer: Taizhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, Huangyan Federation of Industry and Commerce
Co-organizer: Huangyan Quality Supervision Bureau, Huangyan Association of Science and Technology, Huangyan Die & Mould Industry Association
VII. Media
Public media: Tencent, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang TV,, Taizhou Daily, Taizhou TV, Huangyan News, Huangyan TV.
Professional media: China Die & Mould Information, China Industry News, Machinery & Electronics Business, Die & Mould Industry, Die & Mould Manufacture, Maschinen Markt etc.
VIII. Special Guests:
1) Mr. Li Dequn, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
2) Mr. Qu Jinping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of South China University of Technology
3) Mr. Lu Bingheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (National Engineering Research Center for rapid manufacturing) and professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University
4) Mr. Shi Jianhua, secretary general of China Automotive Industry Association
5) Mr. Chen Jin, professor of Tsinghua University and the Yangtze River Scholar
6) Mr. Zhang Jianming, chairman of CPMLA
7) Experts from well-known enterprises engaging in automotive components
IX. Attendees:
1) Chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and directors of special committees of CDMIA
2) Director, deputy director and secretary general of SAC/TC 33
3) Persons in charge of mould industry associations and representatives of excellent die and mould enterprises
4) Upstream and downstream users and experts from well-known enterprises
5) Experts from universities, colleges and research institutes
6) Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, Taizhou Municipal Government and relevant leaders
7) Huangyan Regional Party Committee, Huangyan Regional Government and relevant leaders
8) Representatives of enterprises who are the members of Huangyan Federation of Industry and Committee
9) Persons in charge of die and mould enterprises, representatives who are responsible for the production and techniques
10) Representatives of die and mould software design company, representatives of machine tool equipment makers and suppliers
11) Other representatives
X. Schedule
8:00 (Nov. 18)
Party Hall on 3rd Floor
Opening ceremony
Break time
Party Hall on 3rd Floor
Theme speech
Lunch break
Round table meeting
Break time
Nov. 19
Enterprises and bases
Visit and guidance
(I) Opening Ceremony
Host: major leaders in Huangyan
Speeches by leaders in Huangyan        
Speeches by leaders in Taizhou 
Speech by the chairman of Taizhou Mould Industry Association
Speech by the chairman of CDMIA
Speech by secretary general of China Automotive Industry Association
Speech by the chairman of CPMLA  
Awarding ceremony of Huangyan Die & Mould Academician Workstation  
Signing ceremony for the cooperation between SAC/TC 33 and Huangyan Quality Supervision Bureau
(II) Theme speech direction)
Host: deputy district head in charge of industry
Report by Academician Li Dequn   Development Trend of Intelligent Mould       
Report by Academician Qu Jinping   Innovative Development of Mould Forming Process
Report by Academician Lu Bingheng   Innovative Development of 3D Technology and Mould Application
Report by Chen Jin (The Yangtze River Scholar)    Frontier and Prospect of Technological Innovation  
(III) Round table meeting (ability to enhance and strength to present)
Topic: How China becomes a die and mould power
Purpose: scratch the development trend of die and mould industry in China and solve the emergent problems. Push the government to strengthen the support and get enterprise better self-developed
Content: talent cultivation, talent development, technical innovation, strategy and enterprise planning, international capacity cooperation, construction of mould town, collaborative development of region and brand strategy
Host: Qin Ke (secretary general of CDMIA)
Form: discussion and interaction
Attendees: experts from colleges and universities, die and mould industry association, elites in die and mould industry, persons in charge from die and mould clusters
 (IV) Sub-forum
Theme: Informatization and digitization, quality control and efficiency improvement
Purpose: Precise docking and collaborative development of two fields
(V) Visit
On Nov. 19, visit the special die and mould bases and pilot enterprises in Huangyan, experts and academicians do field diagnosis and improvement.                                       

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